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The Meteorlogical Office at Abu dhabi International Airport maintains a monthly climate summary of Abu Dhabi (AUH), Bateen (AZI) and Al Ain (AAN) airports. Access to weather data from our website requires approval from the management. Logon is required for aviation users only.
  • Abu Dhabi Int'l Airport (AUH) minimum temperature recorded is 5.4°C and maximum is 49.3°C.
  • Al Ain Int'l Airport (AAN) minimum temperature recorded is 5.6°C and maximum is 49.3°C.
  • Al Bateen Executive Airport (AZI) minimum temperature recorded is 10.8°C and maximum is 48.5°C.
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Climate Data Summaries for 2019
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Abu Dhabi Climate Summary - February 2019.pdf04/03/2019 06:17:12 Download
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Abu Dhabi Climate Summary - June 2019.pdf07/07/2019 07:30:10 Download
Abu Dhabi Climate Summary - March 2019.pdf02/04/2019 04:58:20 Download
Abu Dhabi Climate Summary - May 2019.pdf09/06/2019 10:03:03 Download

NOTICE: To acquire climate data summaries for the last 4 years and below, please send us an official company email request to or Climate data are available upon approval from the management.